Zillow Distribution 

Zillow receives a listing data feed from NTREIS for display on Zillow.com  
Brokers can opt out of distribution to Zillow in the Matrix Office Participation panel.   If the Broker allows Zillow, an agent can indicate their seller's choice upon listing input.

Since 2010, NTREIS has facilitated distribution of your listings from the MLS to various internet publishers, controlled by syndication settings chosen by you and your Broker.   Our Syndication partner, ListHub no longer distributes listing content to Zillow or Trulia.   For this reason, NTREIS BOD approved a direct feed to Zillow.  

Some Brokers and/or their Franchises have a separate agreeement to feed listings to Zillow.   The terms of listing display may be different than the NTREIS terms described below.

NTREIS Subscriber listings appearing on Zillow through the NTREIS Feed:

      *New listings and modifications are picked up every 15 minutes and take approximately one hour to process and display
      *The listing agents appears next to the listings above the other suggested agents
      *Content source shows the Broker firm and NTREIS
      *We have direct support for making listing corrections

NTREIS only provides basic roster information for your agent display.    You may create a free profile on Zillow by creating a free Zillow Dashboard with several options for enhancing your profile, including requesting recommendations and adding information on your transactions.   *Caution -  you may certainly want to "claim" your sold transactions, please remember that while the sale of a property is a matter of public record, the sales price is not.   NTREIS does not provide any sales information to Zillow or other public sites.

Zillow Premier Agent:   Agents may purchase a Premier Agent account, which allows you to exclusively claim your listing and appear as the only suggested agent next to your listings.

If your Broker or Franchise is sending to Zillow:

Terms of a Broker agreement supercede the MLS agreement.   Many Brokers and Franchises prefer to not have agents of other firms appearing next to their listing content and so have a direct agreement that provides for no suggested agents to appear.    Agents may still purchase a Premier Account to have their contact information appear.    Brokers and Agents should consult with their Franchise and a Zillow representative for other options.

If your Broker does not send listing data and you opt out of NTREIS distribution:

We often get asked why a listing still appears on Zillow as "off market" when selected to not appear.   Zillow acquires public record data on every property address in the U.S. and displays that public information.    The addition of "listing information" adds an additional layer to that public data.   We do not send information on listings that are not selected to be sent to Zillow;  without that data, the property will display as "off market".



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