ListHub Syndication 

ListHub,  owned by Move, Inc. receives a listing data feed from NTREIS for display on hundreds of other sites.  
Brokers can opt out of all ListHub publishers in the Matrix Office Participation panel or by creating a free ListHub dashboard to limit all or just some publisher sites.  Agents can create a free ListHub Dashboard to view these selections and to view reports, but the selecitons are controlled in the Broker Dashboard.  See the information to the right for tutorials, links to set up your dashboard and a list of ListHub Publishers. 

Note:  As of April 7, 2015 ListHub DOES NOT include distribution to sites owned by the Zillow Group, including Zillow and Trulia.  

Since 2010, NTREIS has facilitated distribution of your listings from the MLS to various internet publishers, controlled by syndication settings chosen by you and your Broker.    If your Broker has elected to choose syndication for all office listings,  and you have selected syndication on your listing input, the listing is sent to a third party syndicator for distribution.

Your Broker or Franchise may have a separate agreement with ListHub that supercedes the NTREIS agreement.

Brokers may create a free ListHub account at any time to update or change your company's online marketing choices.    If a Broker does not create an account and make selections,  listings that are marked for syndication in the MLS will be distributed to all ListHub publishers.    See Complete list of ListHub publishers to the right >>>>

Agents may also create a free account to view the available publishers and see options for enhancing your ListHub account, including reports for all of your listings.

Already a ListHub customer?  As a ListHub customer, you are not impacted by this change - all of your ListHub settings, including your publisher choices, will remain the same.   You may login to your account at any time to add or remove publishers or make updates to your account.

Additional information and links to account registration and training are available under Quick Links >>


ListHub Publisher Network

BROKERS:  Create a FREE ListHub Account

(must be the Participant for a validated office in NTREIS)

AGENTS:  Create a FREE ListHub Account

(must have a validated active listing in NTREIS)



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