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NTREIS Listings

NTREIS Listings MLS System is a complete Internet-based solution offering a broad range of powerful features and tools. Leveraging proven technology from the nation's leading MLS vendors, NTREIS has designed a feature-rich and ultra reliable system by implementing proven technology and implementing the new system in a fully-redundant environment. Some of the most exciting and enhanced MLS features are:

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

A "Multiple Listing Number Search" option provides Users with quick access to listings. For managers, an "Office Inventory" option displays an office's inventory by status and agent. In addition, "Update" functions enable Users to print professional-looking reports of all new and changed listings. Users enjoy the many reporting enhancements, including keystroke shortcuts to print reports and a sophisticated "Report Generator" for professional-quality custom reports.

Comprehensive Search Options

Designed to meet the needs of both the basic and advanced Users, NTREIS Listing's customizable search capabilities allow agents to find listings with any search criteria they use. Some examples of the many enhanced search features are:

  • The quick search option allows Subscribers to search under commonly-used criteria.
  • A "User Customizable" search option allows searching on every non-restrictive field in the database.
  • Enhanced email functionality facilitates emailing directly from the "Search" page.

Online/Offline Access

NTREIS Listings interfaces with a number of third-party products including WyldFyre's Listing Manager Pro (WyldFyre7) also known as the NTREIS WyldFyre7 product.

Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA) Wizard

NTREIS Listings' CMA Wizard function streamlines the process of generating professional-looking CMA reports. With the CMA Wizard, reports generated at an office security level are accessible to everyone in the office. Pop-up windows and a user-friendly design make the CMA Wizard a particularly effective productivity tool.

Robust Mapping Technology

In NTREIS Listings, Users also have access to updated maps through the industry's most robust mapping solution. In addition to viewing maps from the screen where listings are viewed, street mapping is integrated to searches and "Radius" searches allow the User to find listings by selecting an area on a map.