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Accessing NTREIS Data / Vendors

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If you have an IDX-type product/service you would like to offer to NTREIS Participants and Subscribers and need to gain access to the NTREIS data via our RETS server, you will need to complete a NTREIS RETS Vendor Agreement (download below):

 Download the NTREIS RETS Vendor Agreement

Once you have completed the Vendor Agreement, scan/email it to IDX@ntreis.net or fax to 1-866-924-3978 (toll-free). You may also mail it to:

Attn: IDX
1950 Stemmons Freeway, Ste 3018
Dallas, TX 75207

Please note: For new vendors there is a one time set-up fee of $500.00. For new and existing vendors there is an additional $33.00 per customer, per month charge with a maximum cap of $2,205.00 per month.

You must have at least one NTREIS subscriber as a customer prior to receiving your RETS credentials. Complete and include an Addendum to Access Agreement along with your RETS Vendor agreement. (Addendum to Access Agreement.)

If you are not familiar with RETS, you can review pertinent information at www.rets.org; you should also read all the technical documentation relating to NTREIS RETS on our website.

After the agreement is received by NTREIS, they are usually processed within one week. NTREIS will notify you of the approval by email, so please be sure that an accurate email address is provided and that all sections of the documents have been completed.

If you have any further questions please call 214-800-8442 or email IDX@ntreis.net.

 Download the NTREIS Addendum to Access Agreement