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Accessing NTREIS Data/No-Cost IDX Options/NTREIS Translator

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If you are a broker and would like to log into the NTREIS Translator page, go to www.ntreis.immobel.com and select NTREIS as your association, then proceed to login with your MLS ID and password.

Once you get to the "Wizard set-up page" you have successfully logged in and can set up your IDX. (If you can't access the system with your login information and you are a broker, please contact Cindy Cocklin at 214-800-8420.)

If you are an agent and would like to use NTREIS Translator, please download and complete the NTREIS Translator Addendum to Access Agreement below:

Download the NTREIS Translator Addendum to Access Agreement

Once you have completed the agreement, fax it to NTREIS at 866-924-3979 or 214-800-8425. You will receive an email confirmation with details on how to proceed.

For more details on signing up for your free multilingual IDX website, go to the NTREIS Translator Technical Support Library or visit the Immobel/NTREIS site.