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Accessing NTREIS Data / Brokers

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NTREIS Brokers have the following options for accessing the NTREIS MLS data for use on their personal websites (IDX) or for use with a back-office application or software program.

  1. No-Cost IDX Options

    • NTREIS Translator (Immobel)

      This IDX solution allows users to incorporate a multi-language IDX option on their site.

      Click HERE for instructions.

    • Third Party Vendor IDX Option

      Engage a vendor to design your website and set up a customized MLS search for public display. Click HERE for a list of authorized vendors. Please be aware that your vendor will charge you for the services they are providing to you.

      If the vendor with whom you are working is not listed, please have them follow the procedures to become approved prior to accessing NTREIS MLS data.

      After you have a vendor selected, both the vendor and broker (MLS Participant) must complete the Addendum to Access Agreement. Questions regarding this procedure can be directed to IDX@ntreis.net.

    • Broker RETS Access for In-House Office Use

      MLS Participants may request access to the NTREIS MLS data via the RETS server for their in-house office use only. Typically this is needed for a back-office software program or application that produces CMAs, statistics, etc. for the broker.

      The MLS Participant will need to complete a NTREIS RETS Broker agreement; this can be obtained by sending an email requesting the agreement and detailing how the MLS data will be used to IDX@ntreis.net. For additional questions, please call 214-800-8420.