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Waiver Forms and Requirements

Subscriptions to NTREIS MLS Services are only available to licensees (Real Estate Sales and Appraisers) who are affiliated with a NTREIS Participant (Broker or Appraiser).   Participants and Subscribers may only obtain services through a NTREIS Shareholder Association that provides NTREIS MLS Services.

      MLS Providers' Contact Information

All licensees affiliated with a NTREIS Participant must subscribe to services unless one of the following applies:

A NTREIS Participant who is also a Participant in another recognized MLS service may sponsor licensees that wish to obtain services ONLY from another MLS.  Active service will be verified with that MLS.

      MLS Waiver for Licensee Obtaining Services from another MLS

A NTREIS Participant may certify that a sponsored licensee engages solely in Commercial Properties or Property Management not utilizing MLS services.

      MLS Waiver for Licensee Not Utilizing Any MLS

A NTREIS Participant must register any unlicensed Office Staff and Personal Assistants working on behalf of the Participant or a sponsored licensee (fee waived).

      MLS Waiver for Unlicensed Staff or Personal Assistant