RETS Clients 





A RETS Client or script is required to access data from the RETS Server.  Two clients that are available without charge are:

·         ezRETS from the Center for Realtor Technology at the National Association of REALTORS® and

·         RETS Connector from MarketLinx

7.a)  ezRETS

The ezRETS ODBC driver, from the Center for Realtor Technology (CRT) at the National Association of REALTORS®, was designed to allow ODBC-aware applications to easily query data from any Multiple Listing Service that supports the RETS standard. Many of the programs in Microsoft Office can utilize ezRETS to integrate real estate listing data directly into your own custom documents.  See these links for more information on ezRETS:


7.b)  MarketLinx RETS Connector

The MarketLinx RETS Client, RETS Connector, is available for free at  RETS Connector only works in Windows operating systems. It does not work in Linux or Macintosh operating systems. Please read all documentation associated with RETS Connector.  The help file is available on 


Below are points to consider when using RETS Connector:

Clicking on ‘View’ followed by ‘Server List’ allows you to add, modify, or delete RETS Servers.  Typically you will have two RETS Servers on this list:

Production RETS Server:

Transition RETS Server:



Click on a ‘RETS Server Name’ and then click on ‘Edit’ and ‘More Options’ to view this screen:



The NTREIS RETS Server does not support ‘Offset Support’, but it does support ‘Full DMQL Support’. 


When you ‘Create a New Task’, you may want to select either Long Names or System Names.  See discussions on RETS Names in “Section 11) RETS Naming Conventions” below.


You are free to choose whatever method you prefer for connecting to RETS.  It can be a RETS Client or a simple script.  Because of the large number of clients and scripts and their inherent differences, NTREIS does not provide support for any RETS clients or scripts.  This includes ezRETS.  If you have issues with your client, you need to contact the developer of that client for support.  You can also use as a reference or search the Internet as needed.


NTREIS does not provide training on using the MarketLinx RETS Client, RETS Connector.  It does come with an excellent Help Manual that will answer your questions.  If you suspect RETS Connector is not functioning correctly, contact  NTREIS Staff will investigate the functionality and, if necessary, report the problem to MarketLinx.



Updated: 5/10/2011