Production RETS Server:  http://ntreisrets.mls.ntreis.net/rets/login  

This server points directly to the MLS Production Database and Production Media Server.  The MLS Database is approximately 60 GB in size.  Any changes made in MLS appear instantly in this Database and/or Media Server.  New listings or changes to existing listings will be available to RETS within a few milliseconds of the data being added or modified to MLS.


Transition RETS Server: http://ntreisretsstage1.mls.ntreis.net/rets/login

This server points to a MLS Staging Database used for testing.  The data is usually not current and may be a smaller data set than the MLS Production Database.  In some instances, the data may be several months out of date on the Staging Database.  The RETS Transition Server is used for testing prior to publishing any RETS changes to production.




Updated: 9/15/2010